Weather Overview

Located just south of the equator, Lombok enjoys an enticing tropical climate with year-round sunshine, often with little variation in temperatures through the year. It is very much the ideal spot for sun-seekers and scuba divers and surfers can enjoy warm sea temperatures and crystal clear waters. The climate is made up of two distinct seasons. The dry season, from May to September, receives very little rain at sea level and you can expect long, hot days of glorious sunshine, tempered by cool breezes by the coast.

Lombok’s ‘wet’ season lasts from October through April, with short occasional bursts of heavy rainfall perhaps for an hour or two before its back to blue skies and hot sunshine. Lombok tends to be drier on average than neighbouring making it a better option for out-of-season holidays. The rainy season is also just as rewarding for surfing and scuba diving. Whatever time of year you come, expect a hot (and sometimes humid) 28 to 34 °C on average during the day. Being so close to the equator, the sun rises and sets like clockwork with almost no variation through the year. You’ll soon become accustomed to sipping cocktails at 6pm and watching a glorious ocean sunset!  Lombok’s peak tourist season is from June – September. 

Although a small island, Lombok does have a number of very unique micro-climates. The north, dominated by towering Mount Rinjani and tropical rainforests, is cooler and wetter with low lying mist, while the southeast of the island can feel very arid during the height of the dry season. During particularly heavy thunderstorms during the wet season some of the more isolated, twisting coastal roads can become impassable and landslides are not uncommon.

Although most tourists throng the island in the dry season, and especially in July and August, there really is no bad time to visit. Enjoy a tropical island paradise blessed with year-round hot temperatures and balmy nights under the stars.

Surf Forecast

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