NagaIndo encourages investment and development in Lombok.

We started four years ago with three co-founders. Today NagaIndo has grown to a 12-man team and a full scale land developer.

NagaIndo is opening up a range of opportunities in Lombok for clients and investors – encouraging and supporting them in the challenge of turning their development visions into reality. Jean-Marc Reynier is the CEO and founder of NagaIndo and he is full of enthusiasm and positive energy as he talks about the company, about Lombok itself and how their futures are linked.

Hello Jean-Marc, tell us more about NagaIndo.
The word Naga means dragon. It’s a symbol of strength, so it’s a good choice for our company. The dragon is also on our logo, which goes from blue to green - the same colours you can see all around here in the vegetation and the sea. Indo is what the surfing world calls Indonesia and its thousands of surf breaks – so there’s another connection. NagaIndo encourages investment and development in Lombok.  There are plenty of opportunities for investors here but it’s important to know how to choose the best ones. We are a private equity company - performance oriented, and very efficient. We also have a strong commitment to our shareholders and our clients, so we are dedicated to quality projects and investors, and operate with respect for the environment.

What was the reason for setting up NagaIndo in Lombok?
I came to Lombok in 2009, and I could see so many opportunities. It felt like the right time for me to get involved. I also realised that many investors would be interested in owning not just one asset but a portfolio. The idea of investing in an emerging market like Lombok was exciting, so I created a structure to test people’s interest. It worked out - and it became a full time job. 

NagaIndo Team

What do you think makes a company successful?
I don’t think there is really any secret to it. You just work really hard and you make sure you have the right team around you.

What makes NagaIndo different from the customers’ point of view?
Our slogan is ‘Deal with the Experts’ and it tells our customers that they can have confidence in us. The image we want to convey to our customers is about our strength and reliability. People who work with us feel secure because NagaIndo is well set up and well managed; it has good quality projects and great staff. Appearances are important too. We project a professional image– in our office, in town, on our cars, and on our website–and we provide good working conditions for our staff.

Could you tell us more about the NagaIndo team?
The team shows the same strength and reliability. Our people are smart, honest and open-minded, and always responsive to clients’ needs. Part of our strength comes from the mix of backgrounds on our team. In Kuta, there’s our office manager Zuzana, who is Slovakian, Clara and Via, our Indonesian office assistants and I am French. The on-site team includes  Nurul, our coordinator for local affairs, and Nasa, our construction manager, who are both Indonesian,  and our Australian site manager Greg. Then there’s Yann, our French correspondent in Hong Kong. Finally nothing would have been possible without our Australian special advisers Belinda who masters all processes and local authority connections, Rachman who runs the legal team and related processes, and Neil who has a multi decade experience in land development and construction. You could say the team has a real international flavour. We also have a network of talented architects and contractors.

Twin Peaks Beachfront, Selong Belanak: Stage 1 selling soon

How do you see this place in five years?
There will be much more accommodation here with many large, new hotels especially on the Mandalika side. New direct flights will connect us to Australia, Hong Kong and Japan. I think Kuta will be busier and noisier; the rest of the coast will probably not change quite so fast. Selong Belanak will also have larger scale investment, but will still be a fair way behind Kuta. Many people already own land here and they are waiting for the right time to start building.

On a more personal note… why do you do what you do?
It is my choice - my choice of work, which I love, and my choice of life. I always wanted to come back to the countryside because that’s the kind of place I grew up in. It’s good to have a connection to my surroundings. I go surfing in the morning; it’s peaceful, relaxing and it reminds me of why I am here. I also like to ride a bike. It’s much better than driving a car, because rather than being in a bubble, you feel the wind, and hear the sounds of nature.

How do you feel about Lombok? 
I still remember how I felt, the first time I came to Lombok. I stayed just a few days but I decided I wanted to buy land here. I felt pretty comfortable and I knew that this could be it. This is definitely the place I want to be . I like the relaxed lifestyle and, because I am happy here, I like sharing it with people who come here to visit, or stay. I feel like I have found a little secret that I want to tell others about. And of course, one of the things that makes working here so special is knowing that there are such great people to work with.  

I’d like to acknowledge and thank Neil and Belinda - the owners of Tate Developments - for their advice and strong support; Yann, Greg F, Nurul, Nasa, Rachman, Zuzana, Clara, Via and Kirsti for all their hard work; Greg S for his amazing architectural input; Charles and Antoine for their help and cooperation, and a special thank-you to all our international shareholders for putting their trust in us.

Central Kuta, South Lombok
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