Watersports in Lombok and the Gilis


There is so much more to Lombok's water sports action than just scuba and surfing nowadays.

There is so much more to Lombok’s water sports action than just scuba and surfing nowadays. Everything from a lazy day gliding over the water to frenetic kitesurfing or ‘flying’ through the air.  

Lombok is deservedly lauded for its world class surfing and scuba action above and below the waves. But there are numerous other adventurous options too on the water, showcasing Lombok as an up-and-coming water sports hotbed. This is hardly surprising given the sheer number of calm, sheltered bays around the island’s coastline tailor made for leisurely kayaking or rolling waves for some extreme kitesurfing action. New water sports operators are popping up all the time on the south coast and around the southwest peninsular, but the Northern Gili Islands – still very much a scuba diving mecca – leads the way for sheer variety of water sports action. 

Aqua Flight image by Southsea Nomads

Harnessing nothing more than the power of the wind and your own adrenaline, kitesurfing has come on in a big way in recent years on breezy Gili Air. Conditions around the Gilis are favourable for newbies to learn the basics of kitesurfing while more experienced riders can pull off big jumps and tricks when the big winds pick up. Gili Kitesurf on Gili Air offers professional tuition and equipment rental for kitesurfing, wakeboarding, stand up paddle and more. Interestingly, it also accepts bitcoin payment.
Gili Kitesurf, Gili Air

Hop in a sea kayak for the best way to view the coastline of the Gilis and north Lombok from a new perspective or for a day of leisurely island hopping. There are several operators with kayaks for hourly or daily rent such as Paddle Gili. The knowledgeable folks there will give you the lowdown on the best spots for snorkelling and making best use of the currents to ‘go with the flow.’
Paddle Gili, Gii Trawangan  

Stand Up Paddle
SUP has become the latest craze in the Gilis with beachgoers opting to explore the islands themselves in a more leisurely fashion, cruising smoothly along the shoreline. It’s a great way to top up a tan, stay fit and visit some of the quieter snorkelling spots at your own pace. Paddle Gili, located at Trawangan Dive Centre, offers basic tuition for beginners and daily rental of new equipment.
Paddle Gili, Gili Trawangan

Kite surfing

Glass Bottom Boat
A traditional glass bottom outrigger is still the most popular way of getting around between the islands for snorkelers and day trippers alike.  There are numerous glass bottom boat operators based on all three islands providing set departures each morning or private charters at any time for small groups. It’s a more leisurely, less taxing way to see the Gili’s underwater riches.
Hotel Villa Ombak Water Sports Centre, Gili Trawangan

Banana Boat
Probably the best fun you can have on the water without exerting too much energy. Sit back and hold on tight for a high-octane ride zipping over the waves. It’s the perfect activity for a memorable GoPro moment. Book an adrenaline fuelled banana boat ride at Gili T’s Vila Ombak water sports centre.
Hotel Villa Ombak Water Sports Centre, Gili Trawangan

Aqua Flight
The latest extreme water sport taking the world by storm has finally arriving on Lombok’s shores. Aqua Flight flyboarding is a jet powered board allowing riders to spin, soar and dive in to the water just like a dolphin. A quick safety briefing and a basic lesson is all you need to be flying through the air and plunging into the water with consummate ease.  
Southsea Nomads, Gili Trawangan 

Banana Boat image by Vila Ombak

There is an innovative new way to explore the magical underwater world of the Gilis. Subwing takes all the hard work out of snorkelling the reefs, simply by holding on to a carbon fibre ‘wing’ and being dragged along below the waves by boat. The wing can be tilted to steer down to a greater depth and back up again to the surface. Private small group charters are available leaving from all three Gili Islands.
Subwing, Gili Islands

Another adrenaline filled ride offering a bird’s eye view of the Gili Islands and North Lombok. For those with a head for heights it is a great thrill ride to break up the monotony of a lazy day soaking up the rays on the beach. Expert basic tuition to get you up in the air in no time is available at Fly Gili, located beachside near DSM Dive on Gili T.
Fly Gili, Gili Trawangan

Marine Walk
You don’t need to be a certified diver to enjoy the ocean floor and the Gilis’ magical coral reefs. The latest water sports attraction to hit the Gilis is Marine Walk, offering a 20 minute walk along the ocean floor. The activity also includes replanting coral as part of the company’s conservation efforts.
Marine Walk, Gili Trawangan

Parasailing image by Fly Gili