10 Serene Waterfalls Worth Visiting in Lombok and Gilis

Lombok and Gilis

Immerse yourself in nature's beauty by visiting these breathtaking waterfalls in Lombok and Gilis.

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Lombok and the nearby Gili Islands are an island paradise that offers stunning landscapes, pristine beaches, and a plethora of natural wonders. One of the most enchanting features of this region is the abundance of serene waterfalls. With their cascading waters, lush surroundings, and calming ambiance, these waterfalls provide a perfect escape for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. Here is an overview of ten serene waterfalls worth visiting in Lombok and the Gilis, followed by 20 suggestions for your next adventure:

1. Benang Stokel

Situated in Central Lombok, Benang Stokel is a breathtaking waterfall that consists of two main waterfalls interconnected by a scenic canyon. The crystal-clear waters plunge into natural pools, inviting visitors to take a refreshing dip.


2. Sendang Gile

Located on the foot of Mount Rinjani, Sendang Gile is a magnificent waterfall surrounded by lush greenery and tropical forests. The cascade creates a misty atmosphere, making it a refreshing and magical spot.


3. Tiu Kelep

Nestled near Sendang Gile, Tiu Kelep is a majestic twin-tier waterfall that offers a spectacular sight. Its powerful water flow creates a natural shower effect, providing a thrilling experience to anyone who ventures closer.


4. Jeruk Manis

Jeruk Manis is a hidden gem located in East Lombok. Tucked away between rice fields and a charming village, this serene waterfall is a delightful surprise for those who discover it. The calm atmosphere and beautiful surroundings make it an ideal spot to unwind.


5. Air Terjun Mangku Sakti

Mangku Sakti is a mesmerizing waterfall hidden deep within the dense forests of West Lombok. Surrounded by towering trees and vibrant flora, it offers a truly immersive and tranquil experience for nature enthusiasts.


6. Batu Payung

Batu Payung, or 'Umbrella Rock,' is a unique waterfall that flows over a large rock formation resembling an umbrella. This picturesque sight is located in Central Lombok and is well worth a visit for its unusual beauty.


7. Benang Kelambu

Benang Kelambu, meaning 'Curtain Threads,' is a captivating waterfall surrounded by lush vegetation and rocky cliffs. Its cascades resemble cascading threads of a curtain, creating a mesmerizing spectacle that will leave you in awe.


8. Mangku Kodek

Mangku Kodek is a hidden gem nestled in the heart of East Lombok. With its untouched beauty and secluded location, this waterfall offers a serene escape from the bustling tourist spots. Its clear, emerald-green waters are perfect for a revitalizing swim.


9. Mangku Sakti Waterfall

Located on Gili Air, Mangku Sakti Waterfall is a small but lovely cascade that adds a touch of tranquility to this vibrant island. The waterfall blends harmoniously with its tropical surroundings, providing a peaceful retreat for visitors.


10. Korok River Waterfall

The Korok River Waterfall is a hidden gem on Gili Trawangan. It offers a refreshing break from the island's bustling beaches and offers a unique opportunity to enjoy the scenic beauty of the island's interior.